Linux – fix task blocked for more than 120

First you need to check the io scheduler used:

Than you need to change it with a scheduler more appropriated for your disks (for ssd disk it seems to be cfq > noop > deadline)

You can also increase the hung timeout

Now you can reboot the server or apply them immediatly […]

RANCHER – add a catalog repository with self-signed certificate

In my rancher cluster I deployed a Gogs instance to have a git repository, than try to create a catalog but I can’t add it to rancher because of its self signed certificate. Here is a work-around On the rancher server container

On the linux mache that host the rancher server container (host) Copy […]

RANCHER – create a rancher cluster on ubuntu 16.04

I think Rancher is a amazing tool to manage docker containers. It ships with an internal orchestrator: cattle. This is the way I used to create a cluster of rancher servers. rancher-01: eth0 (public interface): eth1 (internal interface): rancher-02: eth0 (public interface): eth1 (internal interface): rancher-03: eth0 (public interface): eth1 […]

Django – bypass CORS issue with channels

Starting from two days to work with channels and the first issue I faced is with Cross Origin 🙁 After some searches on google, the best solution is to install apache and configure a virtual server with the following settings:

I’m using client library     No related posts.

VERNEMQ – install it on Pine64

VerneMQ is a young but great MQTT broker. To install it on Pine64 with Ubuntu Xenial, follow the steps below. Install the following packages

Start with installation

The first compilation will give some errors, but we need it to download all the dependencies. Now we need to make some changes to the source […]

INFLUXDB – run it on Pine64

InfluxDB is a great time series database  and it’s one of the component of the TICK platform. If you want to install it on a Pine64 board (, follow these steps: Download and install the binary package for ARM platform:

Now it’s time to run the post install script of the deb package to […]

Python – Tornado and Celery integration

My new project involves both tornado (as frontend, using tornado-json) and celery (as backend). After googling too much I found two different ways to integrate celery with tornado: using an IOLoop to check for task completion (stackoverflow) using a unix socket (Cyberfart’s Blog) I prefer the IOLoop Here is a simple email sender example