Python – Tornado and Celery integration

My new project involves both tornado (as frontend, using tornado-json) and celery (as backend). After googling too much I found two different ways to integrate celery with tornado: using an IOLoop to check for task completion (stackoverflow) using a unix socket (Cyberfart’s Blog) I prefer the IOLoop Here is a simple email sender example


ODROID – Install crossbar

I find crossbar a great gateway for IoT devices. That’s how to install it on ODROID C1. I create a directory under /usr/local called crossbar, but you can create it everywhere. You have to install it starting from source because there are no binaries at the moment. First remove gmp libraries otherwise you’ll get compilation […]

Rethinkdb – Compile rethinkdb on ODROID C1

This time we build rethinkdb on ODROID C1. Start with following the tutorial for Raspberry PI. Before start, remember to add swap space (tutorial here) or the compilation will fail.

Unlike RPI tutorial, omit “–with-system-malloc” from make command, otherwise you’ll get “undefined reference to symbol ‘dlsym@@GLIBC_2.4′” error. Take a long break, on my C1 […]

Spark – consumer from Kafka

This tutorial illustrate how to consume messages from kafka using spark shell. Lets start installing kafka:

At this point kafka is up and runnig. Create a new sbt project, edit *.sbt and add the following lines


Now copy the following jars

Start spark shell

On another shell, create kafka.scala […]

Spark – Configure and use log4j

Hello, a little tutorial to configure and use log4j with Scala and Spark

Then create a file called “” and put this code inside

This configuration will log to /var/log/spark.log and on console. I partially review this post: Bye 🙂 Related posts: Spark – consumer from Kafka Python – daemons Pacemaker – […]