ODROID – Add swap space

Hi guys.

Ok, you bought your first shiny odroid C1. After the odroid configure step, it’s time to add a swap space for your device.

You can add it in two way: use the microsd or emmc space, if you have enough or use an external usb storage. In this post we will use an external usb storage.

A really good post to start if you want to use your microsd or eemc is this.

Insert your usb key and use dmesg to find the device

As you can see, it is recognize with sda. Now make a partition on it

It’s time to format our usb with swap file-system

Take care of UUID id, we will use it now to mount swap partition at every reboot

Edit /etc/fstab

Remeber to replace UUID with your UUID id.

Enable swap space

Hooray, you’ve got your shiny new odroid C1 with swap space enabled 🙂




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