VERNEMQ – install it on Pine64

VerneMQ is a young but great MQTT broker. To install it on Pine64 with Ubuntu Xenial, follow the steps below.

Install the following packages

Start with installation

The first compilation will give some errors, but we need it to download all the dependencies. Now we need to make some changes to the source files to change some details and to disable the snappy library (I cannot compile it with libsnappy enabled)

Another compilation that will fail, it’s fine 🙂

Another change to disable libsnappy

Make some other changes

Compile all again

Now it’s time to install it

Create /etc/init.d/vernemq file with the following content

Setup the environment

And finally start the daemon

Add a test user to vernemq to run the test scripts

Create the consumer

With the following content

Create the publisher

With the following content

Run them in two different console

If all is fine, this will be a sample output. The first lines are the system queue. At the end you can see our messages published










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